Learning a new language is now easier than it has ever been before. Apps like Duolingo help you to learn the basics of a language in written form.

However, it only uses single sentences or phrases at a time and works on the basis of repetition but, when attempting to understand the language in real-time, it leaves you stumped.

Mondly provides a variety of languages to choose from and simulates virtual reality situations which emulate the situations in which you are likely to find yourself during everyday life.

It allows you to answer questions or repeat phrases, correcting your pronunciation or word order in real-time using speech recognition and chatbot technology to respond. Mondly offers 28 languages and the app can run off an iPhone, iPad, Android and PC, available for download at $4.99. The app definitely suits those who learn by listening rather than writing.

The subtle nuances of pronunciation often pave the difference between asking for a restaurant and calling someone an idiot. Although nothing compares to having a grammar teacher, it seems that Mondly is the next best quick-fix.