Schoold is a complete college and future planning tool. Get schools, majors, and careers that are relevant to you. Schoold is your Counselor, Banker, and Advisor - Right in your pocket!
▶MADE FOR YOU - Get schools, majors, and careers that match your interests and aspirations.
▶COLLEGES - Learn about colleges and see how your life can play out at each school.
▶YOUR STORY - See majors offered and costs for each school. Get a glimpse of how much you can make after graduation with our powerful salary calculator.
▶FREE EXPERT ADVICE - Find answers to all your college questions, or ask one of our education professionals - for FREE.
▶IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES - Schoold shows you your individual admission chances, and how to maximize them.
▶COMPARE & DECIDE - Create a short list of your favorites, and weigh your options by: admission chance, degree cost, highest salary, and your location.
Why should you try Schoold?
-You are in high school, interested in gathering information about college, admission chances, scholarships, FAFSA.
-You are in college, and are looking to improve your current situation.
-You are a graduate, and are looking to continue your education.
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